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Jay Dolan is the blogger behind The Anti-Social Media. A sought after speaker and writer, Jay has worked tirelessly to make social media better, or at least a bit funnier. He lives and works in Raleigh, NC with his cats.

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Anti-Social Media Version 3

After months of complaining, whining, and toiling, the third, more improved version of The Anti-Social Media is finally alive!

Besides the new design being totally sweet, the biggest difference is all on the insides. I’m now using WordPress, which is big boy blogging software, instead of Tumblr.

Tumblr is great blogging software if you ever want to have fun, share cool stuff with your friends, and all that, but WordPress is where we make serious blogs. Blogs where we can make fun of how terrible Mashable is and complain about how disgusting people are on Twitter. Also, there shouldn’t be any more of those Tumblr error messages. So if something goes wrong, the blame is all on me.

The one thing I have to note, and which is sad, is that all of the comments from the Tumblr-based version of The Anti-Social Media are lost to Disqus. I’ve never found Disqus to be a particularly good comment system, but I used it because it’s the only system that Tumblr allows for comments. I will miss your comments, but I encourage you to leave new and better comments. Don’t waste their sacrifice.

Anyways, enough of me talking about myself (that’s so social media of me). Welcome to the new site, and wipe your nasty feet before you come in here.