Facebook: Too Big to Quit?

Facebook drives people nuts.  People are quitting over the latest privacy changes.  Others are rushing to defend Zuckerburg and Facebook.  And everyone else is caught in the middle of what to do with their account.

I have a lot of friends who run social media campaigns or control their company’s Facebook page who want to quit but cannot because of their job responsibilities.  They run accounts that are liked by thousands of people.  If they quit their account, that page goes with them.  It’s awful for businesses who run pages.  What are they supposed to do when an employee leaves the company?  Worse, what if that employee leaves on bad terms?  They can’t hand it over because that page is tied to that account permanently.

A lot of other people I know won’t quit Facebook because they keep up with most of their contacts on there now.  It’s easier to keep up with than email or IM.  They don’t want to leave because their friends are there and seemingly staying there.

This is why I think Facebook is evil.  Facebook tied their service into businesses and people’s personal lives so well people cannot quit it.  Businesses would lose access to customers.  People lose contact info for hundreds of friends.  It’s come to the point where Facebook is too big and too centralized for people to quit.

Do you think Facebook is too big to quit?  I want to know what you all think.