The 13 Things You Learn When You Don’t Blog for Five Years

I haven’t published a blog post in five years. Here’s a few things I’ve learned since.

  1. No one cares if you just stop publishing your blog one day.
  2. Really, no one cares. Or if they do, they don’t let you know.
  3. Being on social media all day for work will make you feel like you have attention deficit disorder.
  4. You’ll have really mixed feelings about social media and social advertising the more you work in it and see how it manipulates people.
  5. Those feelings will get worse as you understand many people don’t understand what “their data” is and how it’s used to sell them crap.
  6. People will confuse your website for a conspiracy website. You’re not sure if they’re wrong.
  7. People will also mix up your email address and send you job offers and receipts accidentally. None of it is worth pursuing other than a laugh.
  8. You can run 30 miles in a day if you set your mind to it and train for it. The physical act will be miserable, but mentally you’ll feel tough as nails.
  9. If your cat is an asshole, he’ll still be an asshole. Just an older asshole.
  10. Self-hosting your website sounds cool, but is not worth it.
  11. Games like Fortnite will make you question if the game itself is a social network.
  12. You’ll realize there’s a popular social network you don’t understand and that you don’t want to be a part of. You’ll feel terribly old.
  13. You can find a relationship that works for you. You’ll make him happy, and he’ll make you happy, even when times are rough. You’ll get through it together and both be better for it.

I’m sure I’ve learned a few other things, but that’s what sticks out for right now.


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