You don’t have to be passionate to be in social media

you won't be needing this
I’m all about some inspiration.

Nothing inspires me to action more than a mob of mindless, flesh eating-zombies shuffling towards me.

That, or a picture of a sunrise with an overused, inspirational quote in white script.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.


The truth is that some work just sucks. Even a "glamorous" social media job can suck. There are trolls, psychos, and a whole Internet of losers who want attention.

And no, they don’t have better things to do.

While many of us would kill for a job we love, the fact is most of us working in this field of social media don’t have jobs we love. And that’s ok.

It’s a job. It pays the bills, and hopefully, gives you some money for the things you do love. Like cats or zombies.

Don’t let people who you don’t know bring you down.

You’re better than them.

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