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Learn How to Schedule

So, I’m looking at the Social Carolina Calendar, which is calendar that lists and promotes social media and technological events in the Raleigh-Durham area I’m based out of, and I noted something crazy.

In the next two weeks, there is only ONE day, a Sunday, with no events going on in the Triangle.

I have several theories as to why this is:

  • The amount of events is to weed out the feeble and weak, those who aren’t truly dedicated to give up their real social and family life in favor of meeting a bunch of people from the internet.
  • The social media crowd is trying to build up endurance for when they all go down to Austin for South by Southwest Interactive.  By stretching themselves thin in preparation, they’ll be able to tweet mindlessly and nod easily in agreement in the name of networking.
  • They know I’m super busy the next two weeks and did this to persoanlly spite me.

I’m not seeing the point of having the calendar though, if the event planners just start taking every free day to shove their event on.  I realize you have more potential for people to come to events when you put them on an open day, but at the same time, your going to lose people to burn out.  We want to see our loved ones, not just text them and call them as we shuffle between work and one more event.

The internet waits for no one, but the human body can only be sentient in one location at a time.

Thanks to Ellen Lynch for the idea that started the genesis this post.  If you haven’t seen her portfolio, check it out here.

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