You want someone to speak about social media who will make you think.  You want your audience to be entertained, while still learning the most they can in every moment you are paying for.  Jay Dolan gives presentations that will not only make you question what the heck you are doing on a social network, but also teach you to find the most value from every connection you make.

What do I speak about?

Here are some topics I’ve spoken about or have proposed:

  • Anti-Social Media - Breaking Connections for fun and profit.
  • Who Owns Social Media? They Do.
  • How to make content people care about
  • Social Media and Recruiting - How to Stalk Ethically.
  • Why you need to be yourself, not your personal brand.
  • Why online mega-communities fail.
  • Performance and Online Identity

Where I’m speaking:


  • Why Fake Is The New Authentic - Blog World Expo - Los Angels, CA Nov. 2011
  • Social Media and Online Fundraising for Non-Profits - Project Uplift - Raleigh, NC July 26 2011
  • Musings of A Social Media Superstar - NCSITE Mid-Year Meeting - Asheville, NC June 3, 2011
  • Webinar - Getting the Most Out of Social Media - Professional Engineers of North Carolina - April 25, 2011
  • Taking Your Social Media to the Next Level - Association Executives of NC TECH 2011 - March 11, 2011
  • Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits - Project Uplift - Raleigh, NC March 8, 2011.


You can check out some of my slides on Slideshare, and look at the comics I draw here for ideas of the kinds of slides I like to use.

Want to talk to me about speaking?  Contact me.