Boring Old Content - The Anti-Social MediaI think “content” is a disgusting word.

I was reminded of this after I got a message that said to “Keep making great content!”

Seriously? You can’t even name what I make?

I think of myself as a blogger, writer and cartoonist. I don’t think of myself as someone who just makes content. It offends me that you can’t name the things I write and draw.

Content sounds dull. Content is not compelling. Content is a bland, tasteless gruel that we have shoved down our throats daily.

If content is king, he is a vague and nondescript king.

Who grows up thinking, “I want to make content when I grow up!” No one. Because people don’t just create content.

Writers write blogs. Artists draw pictures. Filmmakers make videos.

And any generic person can make weak, boring content. It takes a person with guts to make something real and defined.

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I don't know how I missed this. I just-- this. So much.

This content just leaps off the page. KEEP PRODUCING IT.

This is businessspeak. It's like if you were to tell someone in management A job was "taken away" from someone. They stare at you like they were just born. They don't know what you are talking about. If you say the job was "removed" from someone, THAT'S what they understand. THAT'S what they were taught in management school. They weren't taught anything about "taken away." Now, they could have known in their 20 years of life prior to management school what "taken away" means, but in management school they're taught to forget the past, and that it's all about constant change. So if you try to suggest the meaning of "taken away," they'll say, "Oh, that was back then. I'm only interested in what's happening now." They're probably not interested in months being 30 or 31 days, either. That was back then.

I actually disagree with this post. I think that "content" is helpful because sometimes it's really hard to explain to people what you do. It's hard for me, anyway. I mean, I write. I write blog posts. I write articles. I take the pictures for them sometimes. I create videos. I write a ton of site copy. I respond to comments. I write social media updates. I write e-mail newsletters. That's a lot of things. In the same way it's hard for me to figure out my job title (I just change it constantly in my e-mail sig depending on the content of the e-mail), it's hard to give people a simple job description of what I do all day. So a lot of times, I just say I create content. It's a catch-all for all the shit I do that's sometimes easier than telling my boyfriend's family, "Well, I Tweet and blog and and copy edit and write e-mails and make them look all pretty for a living..."

What, you're not "getting paid to sit on Facebook all day"? I thought thats all we "content marketers" did? Seriosuly though, I understand your point. :)

You need a disclaimer on your blog. I suggest "This blog contains content not suitable for pinheads." Heh.

Disclaimers are for chumps and Mommy Bloggers who get free stuff.

Sounds to me like you're not a very contented person... but I still like all the stuff you post about things and that.

If I'm happy and I know it I clap my hands.

This reminds me of the old Monster ad where the kids shot off one-liners like "When I grow up, I want to file all day....I want to claw my way up to middle management...I want to be replaced on a whim...I want to be a yes man!"

Thanks Jay, now I will have to re-print my goddamned business cards.

Me, too. My whole brand is built around "exceptional content." *sigh*

Ditto. Nice Jay, real nice. Oh well, let's just wait for the next shiny buzzword to build our brands around.

Brilliant! Theres a reason you rule the internets.

You probably should have reprinted them anyways since they were damned by God.

I really liked this content! Thanks!

I really liked this comment! Thanks!