Feature: How not to Tweet with Sarah Palin Take a look at some…

Feature: How not to Tweet with Sarah Palin

Take a look at some of the numbers on the right of that shot.  See that?  Sarah Palin doesn’t follow ANYONE on Twitter.  Everyone of those followers consumes her content, while she takes nothing from them.

If a failed Vice-Presidential Candidate from Wasilla, Alaska can have a ratio of 60,000 followers to 0 following on Twitter, that means you too can keep better track of your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social network your heart skips a beat for.

But, keeping good tabs on who you follow doesn’t mean a total friendship blackout.  That’s just ignorant and you won’t learn anything.  Vetting your followers and friends means knowing who the hell is actually behind the avatar and the user name.  More so, it’s about following the right people.  Who you follow says a lot about you and what your interested in.  It also shows you have something called taste.

Following nobody?  That just shows your self-centered and don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else.

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