Follow You Friday! Everybody!

Follow Everyone - The Social MediaIt’s Friday, which means it’s time for FUN FUN FUN! It also means it’s another day when I recommend what is the best thing on the internet ever!

However, it’s so hard to choose just one thing every week. It seems like every week, things just keep getting better and better online. Everything is more social, and everything is happier. Facebook is put into more things, and more things are put into Facebook, so I don’t have to worry about anything.

Life is awesome. Except for one tiny problem.

With so many awesome things and awesome people, how do I choose just one person to recommend? How am I supposed to choose whether I recommend someone who’s smart and funny, or someone who shares hundreds of links? Why do I have to choose between a Quora expert and a Facebook genius? Do  I need to share a Twitter fanatic, or someone who has mastered LinkedIn? Thankfully, I have a simple solution.

Follow everyone.

If you follow and friend everyone, you won’t miss anything! You’ll have all the information there for you to see at any time. Start by connecting to thousands of people today. That way, you’ll miss even less awesome things tomorrow, when you start following even more people.

This plan is foolproof. You will be  a rockstar ninja master of social media. You can’t go wrong by following indiscriminately.

Do you already follow everyone? How awesome is it? Do you learn everything you ever wanted to know and them some? Are you the most popular person on the internet? Tell us how it is while the rest of us go start following every single account ever created.

We won’t miss your conversation. We’ll be following it!


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