Guest Post! Why Being a Social Media Manager Sucks the Fun Out of Life

I'm So Professional - The Anti-Social Media

Today’s post comes from Marly Schuman.

Wasting time is one of great joys caused by the modern internet. And social media – along with unnecessary online shopping and identity theft – is the king of online time wasters. I mean, Twitter trends like #replaceawordinafamousquotewithduck…huge waste of time. Whoever thought of that one is both a genius and a sad, sad person.

The problem with being a social media manager is that social media is no longer fun. It’s work. When friends ask, “Why don’t you tweet anymore?” or “Didn’t you see that link I posted on Facebook?” You have to respond, “Shut the hell up you ignorant person who doesn’t understand my job. All I do every day is tweet. And it just isn’t for your entertainment. It’s for thousands of strangers.”

So how do we make social media fun again? StumbleUpon. It’s actually a genius trick. Enter in the interests of your website (if you were the social media manager of, say,, you might be interested in consumer info and bargains/coupons). Then you casually pepper in a few of your own interests here and there. Mythology, exotic pets…whatever floats your boat. You Stumble to come up with new and exciting things to tweet about. And then you get to see awesome things like the latest Keenan Cahill YouTube video.

It’s totally work related. Don’t even worry about it.

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You had me at "Shut the hell up you ignorant person who doesn’t understand my job". Love this!

Loved this post! And it's totally work related - don't even worry about it.

Soooooo true. I'm a social media manager who has next to zero followers on my personal Twitter. I don't want to go on my personal Twitter - I have to tweet to strangers all day, all week, all year long. And how about the fact that we always have to work on wknds?! Love the Stumble Upon idea. I'll try it.