Social Media Blog Posts I Haven’t Written

A Whole Bunch of Crap - The Anti-Social MediaI often start a post, or a title, and then leave it in a list or half written post somewhere to die.

Let’s just say I’m really good about curating my ideas into tombs or mausoleums. Maybe one day I can be a very well-paid (and verbose) idea crypt keeper.

Recently, my friend Laurie Ruettimann shared some of her unwritten blog post ideas. That inspired me to drag the corpses titles into the daylight.

Here’s a whole bunch of blog post titles I started, thought of, never finished, or published:

  1. A few thoughts on prioritizing social media over real life
  2. Social consumerism, or how to get stranger’s friends to buy crap
  3. Facebook isn’t for deep thoughts
  4. How I (don’t) blog
  5. The YouTube time warp, or 72 hours in a minute
  6. Your social media signs are worthless
  7. What frictionless sharing is really like
  8. Social networks for selling crap
  9. Social networks don’t tell stories
  10. The one true way to blog
  11. Performance in the age of the timeline
  12. Why you get angry over whiny tweets
  13. Social media holiday gift guide
  14. Social media and coercing
  15. On Klout
  16. Follower churn
  17. How many screens do we need?
  18. What the hell do you plan to accomplish on social media?
  19. Who the hell do you plan to talk to on social media?
  20. Is the personal brand the online identity unifier?
  21. Is online identity anything like real identity?
  22. Tech writing is a bunch of mysteries and nonsense
  23. Your brand is arrogant for wanting engagement
  24. Your connection are feeble
  25. A retweet doesn’t say you matter
  26. You can’t have sharing both ways
  27. Behind the scenes of a customer service tweet
  28. Social media and TV
  29. Why do guys on Twitter always describe themselves as Husband and Father?
  30. Who came up with a crappy idea like smart phone learning?

There you go. A whole month of social media blogging that I’v e avoided or thought was too boring to actually post.

What are the titles that you haven’t written yet?

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EllieAsksWhy 9 pts

Best: "Your connection are feeble" [sic] is perfect as is, and "A retweet doesn't say you matter" (I keep... LOL'ing at that. No, I have no shame. I over-lol).  


A few answers for number 29... I wondered about it a lot, never read any mention of it until your highly original ;o) post. There's the "I am mature, responsible" meaning. And the "don't follow me if you're a pr0n bot" meaning. Or depressing scenario: When you meet someone new, friendly, nice, and within a day, their static description changes to "husband and father".


Here's a suggestion for number 31 (although I lol'd some more at "smart phone learning"): Facebook phone will finally make mobile go social. As though using a phone weren't social for the past 100 years before now.

ericsuesz 6 pts

Good stuff! Go ahead and write these. I'll read 'em.

ar_turnbull 5 pts

The idea that bloggers need to post new stuff all the time leads to a lot of crap.  Posting every day is great, but only if you have something to say.  


Thanks for exercising restraint.

JayDolan 183 pts moderator

 ar_turnbull I have nothing to say but some funny shit.

wagnerwrites 24 pts

P.S. And I love that I can pin your posts now. They go into my formally named Socialfication pinboard. 

JayDolan 183 pts moderator

 wagnerwrites I try to keep up with the times. I figured the cartoons are perfect for Pinterest.

wagnerwrites 24 pts

#25 would be worthwhile. I can vouch for the truthiness of #22 because I was a technical writer for 7 years. My assignments were mostly vaporware. You are too young to remember vaporware, but it was a hot trend in the 80s in Silicon Valley. 

JayDolan 183 pts moderator

 wagnerwrites I remember when Duke Nukem forever was vaporware, but then they finally released it.

EllieAsksWhy 9 pts

 wagnerwrites Nahhh, the software was the vaporware. You work, as a technical writer, wasn't vaporware. We can never have enough tech writers, IMNSHO.


I think JayDolan  needs to start an Anti-social media Pinterest board. I love Pinterest, it is embarrassing to admit how much fun it is.

farouk111 7 pts


the titles are interesting :)

JayDolan 183 pts moderator

 farouk111 Yeah, but some of the titles are pure crap.


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