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The Four Headed Monster - The Anti-Social Media

There is no such thing as privacy on social networks

The Four Headed Monster - The Anti-Social MediaI’m so sick of arguing about privacy online and what social network has the best privacy features.

It doesn’t matter how much you lock things down. It doesn’t matter how many privacy settings you and your social network of choice have.

There is no such thing as online privacy.

At the end of the day, you’re agreeing to sign up to use a website and agree to what they say. As long as they own that website and its features, they are in control. When you create that profile on Google+ or Facebook, you’re giving them information about you. No matter how much of a stink your raise, until you delete your account and close your contract, it’s their information to use.

We live in the information age. Information is the new currency. Information is power. The ability to create, consume, manipulate and remix information defines the skills of our age. And the networks, brands, and people with information are the ones who will rule this age.

This is why Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are so powerful. The sheer amount of information and data contained in their servers are what will make the kings and queens of this decade.

So whatever you post, regardless of the privacy settings, if it’s in a circle, or locked on a website with no visitors, has power. Someone out these is figuring out a way to mine that data into your next purchasing decision. Their trying to figure out how to influence you or your friends.

And they don’t care if something is private. They’ll use it against you to make a quick dollar.

So social networks may be free, but we give up our precious information. That’s the price we pay to be social.

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