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Social Games Suck - The Anti-Social Media

F*&k You Friday! Social Games

Social Games Suck - The Anti-Social MediaA long time ago, Facebook promised the world to developers.

Then they realized how stupid it looked for all of us to have profiles with tons of boxes of apps we used once and then forgot.  So Facebook cleaned things up, but the platform still existed and Zynga got rich making Farmville and Cityville.

Now we have a bunch of shitty games that aren’t integrated into the Facebook platform beyond using your user account and randomly attempting to post on your wall. Sigh.

Take Google+’s new games for example. They live in a completely separate tab and stream from regular games. I bet most Google+ users haven’t even discovered that there are games on there. It took me five days to realize there were games. Five days to find a core functionality!

What’s worse is all of these games are using the same, lame features. Earn levels! Share points! Ask friends for help! Spend your money on crap so you can actually play the game properly!

What. The. Fuck.

Why hasn’t anyone figured out how to make a cool game on a social network that’s actually worth playing? You have the power a computer and the whole internet, yet the most complex game we get is Angry Birds?

There has to be a cool game out there using these networks. Someone make me believe that the potential in social networks is being used.

Otherwise I’m going to go back to playing on my Super Nintendo. At least that thing delivered, and still delivers, on all its promises.

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