The Anti-Social Media Top 10 Posts of 2010

In 2010, 283 posts were published on the Anti-Social Media. That’s an average of 23 a month. How I’m still on the brink of sanity after writing and drawing that much is beyond me.

What is clear though is that you all enjoyed the things I wrote. Here’s the ten most popular posts that appeared here on The Anti-Social Media in 2010.

  1. Rule # 5: Take Breaks - This was a matter of timing, serendipity, and getting shared by the right source at the right time. I published this a few days before Christmas, and it was picked up by SmartBrief on Social Media as a reason to take a break then. Soon,  all of you who needed a reason to step away from the iPhone and the laptop for a few days held up this post as your shield.  Glad I could help keep your personal life alive for a day.
  2. Stop Linking All Your Social Accounts! - I still see people doing this, especially their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Stop it. I don’t need to see every @ reply twice.
  3. Why I Don’t Care About Wikileaks - I knew this one would cause a riot when I posted it, and it did. Thankfully, I haven’t had anyone bring down my site from it.
  4. How to be an Awesome Blogger - One of my first pieces of positive advice, and who knew people would actually enjoy reading it and using it. I thought you all came here fro the cute comic strips and bad typos.
  5. Foursquare is F#&%ed - This post was very popular here, but even moreso on Social Media Today, where it was cross posted. I still think Foursquare and other location services need to do something big and different to
  6. The Modern Relationship Pyramid - This was one of the first cartoons I drew, and wow, who knew it would be this popular.
  7. The Social Media Uniform - The only guest post to make the list. Congrats, Allison.
  8. More Tweets that Drive me Insane - One of my many Tweets I hate posts. I’ve taken a break from these because the people I follow have gotten smarter
  9. Why I’m Joining Capstrat - Apparently, you all we’re really glad to see me get a social media job. Thanks.
  10. Why I Don’t Follow Your Brand on Twitter - I still don’t follow many brands on Twitter. I’m not planning on changing that anytime soon.

Thanks for reading all year long. Happy New Year, loyal readers.

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