Online Popularity Means Nothing

My friend Laurie once said, “I have 10,000 followers on Twitter, and they still screw up my order at Starbucks.”

If that doesn’t explain that online popularity means nothing, I don’t know what does. This past week my post Foursquare is F#*&ed was read over 13,000 times. In any other time if you had your article read 13,000 times you’d have some type of popularity and minor cult following.

I go out and most people have no idea who the hell I am. Don’t they know I can tweet about them snidely? That I can blast them in a Facebook status update? If they really bug me, I can go out of my way and blog about them and 13,000 people will read it?

That’ll show em. Nothing like an angry blog post to make someone feel really guilty about how they’ve wronged me. My followers will totally back me up.

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