The Anti-Social Media Manifesto

The point of Anti-Social Media is to break connections for your benefit.  It’s making the decision that unfollowing, defriending, breaking the link will benefit you more than keeping it will.

You will defriend friends and unfollow people, and people will do the same to you.  But you’ll make new, better friends.  You follow people who distribute better information.  Through loss, you will discover.

You can’t find that better information, that important new contact, your new best friend, without evaluating what you’ve surrounded yourself with.  Breaking yourself free of what isn’t working around you or brings you down is worth it.

Your personal brand isn’t worth tarnishing through unsavory connections.  On the social web, you’re not only defined by what you say, but who you’re with.  Don’t surround yourself with trash.

Break the link.  Reap the benefits.

I know you can do it.

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