Why Anti-Social Media?

You can’t avoid social media.

It’s everywhere.  It started with those awful jokes your cousins would forward to you and now you know everything about people you long forgot who crawled back into your life.

This blog is intended for the people who don’t give a damn about social media, those who’d cut off their right thumb before giving up tweeting, those who’d cut off the right thumb of the person tweeting, and the countless masses caught somewhere in the middle of this Bermuda triangle of the internet.

I’m here to remind you that sometimes you need to get off the internet to make real things happen.  Just because something is posted on Facebook doesn’t make it Facebook official, and your LinkedIn connections will treat you better if you give them a call or two.  Don’t get me started on trying to follow the so called Social Media Guide .

Welcome to the jaded view of the internet.  Remember, some things just aren’t worth sharing.

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