F*#$ You Friday! Facebook Comments Button

Fuck You - The Anti-Social MediaSometime this week Facebook decided the submit button on comments in the news feed was too much and they eliminated it. Now, striking the enter key is enough and will submit a comment.

What the f#$& Facebook?!

Some of you will read this and say, “Jay, why are you such a stickler for tiny details that some people don’t care about?”

That’s because I care about them. Hitting the enter key is faster, sure, but I make lots of typos. Stopping and using the mouse is one way I break my thought patterns and stop to look for typos. I don’t like to look like an idiot. That’s not part of my personal brand.

Also, is Facebook really saving anything by not having the submit button? Are those extra 20 pixels really worth it?

Did they even test this feature with average people? If so, I want to know their feedback. I want to see see the transcripts of people saying, “Finally! I can see the first line of another item while I’m commenting on  something else on my news feed!” And I want to see how frustrated people were with the old button. I imagine them saying, “Ugh! I hate this button! It makes me have to scroll, down, which I was going to do anyways! Why is Facebook so hard?!

Who am I kidding? This is the internet, and the haters were probably saying, “The comment button sux LOL.

So fuck you Facebook. I was going to scroll down anyways. The savings here are minimal and pointless and just frustrate users.


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