How to Celebrate Foursquare Day

Foursquare Day 2012 - The Anti-Social MediaToday (4/16) is Foursquare Day.

Foursquare Day is a bullshit, social media marketing holiday. It’s basically a modern version of a made-up, greeting card holiday. There are a few differences though.

Instead of buying cards, a bunch of social media tools will write tweets and blog posts telling you to check into more crap. Oh, and rather than buying a token gift from the dollar store, you’ll just download the Foursquare app.

So how does one actually celebrate Foursquare Day? Well, the normal way is to pull out your smart phone, and check into locations all around town. But where’s the fun in that?

Instead, I suggest you use Foursquare Day as a way to remind yourself how creepy geolocation technology is. Remember:

  • Every time you check in, someone knows you aren’t home.
  • Every time you check in, your stalker can find you.
  • Every check in paints a geographical picture of your every. single move.

Creepy, isn’t it?

Happy Foursquare Day, suckers.

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I used Gowalla for a time, but am now reformed. Thank you for making it cool to be unaccounted for.

Whoa I did not hear about this until now, and I actually deleted my Foursquare app yesterday. Thank god, or I would have felt social pressure to participate in this stupid Foursquare Day.

You should check in on some other service, just to spite them.

I celebrate 4sq day, the same way I celebrate it every year. I have NEVER downloaded it or used it. I am glad your fighting the good fight!

You should download the app and delete it, just to spite them.