Why you Need to be a Google+ Expert Right Now

Google Plus Marketers - The Anti-Social MediaGoogle+ has lasted nearly a year. That’s seven years in dog years, or like 10 years in social network years.

If it keeps this up, it’ll be in the pantheon of useful social networks. Perhaps it will suffer a better fate than what happened to Google Buzz, Ping, and, lord help us all, Quora.

So, now that it’s here to stay and will never change again, it’s time to start offering clients a bunch of services that they could get for free by spending an hour on the platform and  a few hours reading some good social media resources.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with charging people for your expertise when they are just being lazy.

What’s even better is that if Google+ does change again, you’ve now got your client trapped. They’ll need you, the expert, to understand the changes, even though everything works the same but they just changed the colors, or that people can now play Farmville on Google+.

Start advertising yourself right now as an expert on the new Google+. Tell everyone that it’s completely different than old Google+. Tell them that with the redesign brought new features that can bring them improved revenue and engagement.

If anyone tries to shut you down and says that you are a fraud, say that they are lying. You’re a Google+ expert. You know everything.


Become the new Google+ expert now before some jerk writes a book about it.

You too can get rich from doing nothing but spewing buzzwords that mean nothing while claiming it’s engagement. Claim your riches. Be the new Google+ expert.

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I thought for sure that link was going to Guy Kawasaki's book, but lo and behold, Chris Brogan has been bought by Google, too. They also seem to be paying some of Mari Smith's salary.

This comment has been brought to you by Google Chrome.

Jay, ever thought of doing social media stand-up comedy? If you don't, someone else will. :-p

I have. I suck at it. Jordan Cooper http://notaproblog.com/ is much better than I am.

Jay - I'm actually writing a book now called "Instagram for Business - How Instagram Photo App Changes Everything" Once it's published I'll be pretty busy on the consulting scene :P

I just hope you don't get bought by a publisher.

Fucking Brilliant! Ever in the UK please look me up :)

I will. I'll just follow you on Foursquare.