People Whining Over the New iPad

Yesterday, Apple released an updated iPad with has a better processor and some other stuff.

Immediately, all the privileged people of the world took to the internet to complain about how hard life was, having an iPad 3 that was now marginally obsolete.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Life is so hard. I have to spend all of my money on technology that makes my life incrementally better, and now I have to buy another new thing because my thing isn’t as new and shiny.

Seriously privileged technology bloggers: Get the fuck over yourselves. Stop promoting a consumer culture that tells people they have to replace all of their stuff with other stuff when it becomes marginally less relevant.

Why don’t you buy something that will last and be happy that you have money to spend on non-essential gadgets?

8 Responses to People Whining Over the New iPad

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