Rule #2: Keep Your Friends Real

Rule #2 Keep Your Friends RealIf the technology introduced in 2010 is any indication, 2011 is going to introduce even more items that are tied into the internet and the social web.  Farmville 2, Opium Edition will surely be more addictive. iPhone 5 will be so revolutionary and mystical that Apple will make up words to describe it’s genius. All of these devices and software will be designed to keep you constantly plugged into the internet and hundreds of useless updates about insignificant things happening online.

While you may be lusting for your iPad 2, your Google Nexus Z, or your next fix of Farmville 2, there will be people just beyond the soft glow of those screens. People you may care about and who probably care about you.  People who like you even though you care more about tiny computer than them.

Pay some attention to them.  Give them quality time where you turn off your phone and step away from the computer. Connect doing things that involve something more than watching a movie or playing a video game. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to explore it beyond the pixels of Cityville.

Also, take some time to go and meet your friends from Twitter or wherever in real life if you can. Unless you are putting up a complete facade online, you’ll probably get along with these people you’ve been talking with.  Meeting them will deepen the relationship you have with them online. Who knows? You may actually like meeting real people.

Give meaning to your online relationships. Take them offline for a while. The time spent avoiding Twitter will be well worth it.

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