Your Life - Brought To You By Facebook’s Sponsored Stories

When I look at my news feed these days, every other story is sponsored.

  • I know every dumb thing my friends like.
  • I know exactly which types of photos appeal to my friends.
  • I know precisely who subscribes to get the worst crap.


When did every moment, every interest, every fiber of our being become a sponsored story?

Were we not shaped by the experiences that made us and our relationships? When I think back on my brightest memories between friends, I don’t think things like:

  • “Thank goodness we had Coca Cola and not Pepsi!”
  • “We never would have been friends without Nikes!”
  • “The only thing we have in common is we both like Super Mario.”

Ok. Fine. I’ve thought the last one, but that’s not something I think back on fondly.

We’re crossing a fine line between sharing our lives with friends and having those moments sponsored by highest bidder on a relevant keyword. Are you ready to see what’s on the other side of that line?

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