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Yahoo! acquires Tumblr

Is it just me, or does anyone else get concerned when the subheading of your press release is “Promises not to screw it up?”

All eyes are on you, Yahoo!

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How are you feeling, Jay?

I’m fine Facebook.

Really. I’m fine.

OK. I’m lonely.

My friends are all out having great times. I know this because I see them posting things all the time.

Meanwhile, I’m home with my cats, answering a question posed by a text box on a website.

I could be out taking photos of food or my pets. I could be commenting on a TV show, or talking with a friend.

Instead I’m having a life crisis because a text box on a website made me realize how pathetic my life is.

I once socialized with real people. Now I stay at home, comforted by the electronic messages of hundreds of weak connections.

And now, this post becomes a desperate cry from a life of loneliness. A plea for more electronic attention to stave off that loneliness for one more night.

How am I feeling, Facebook? I’m feeling the loneliness of my generation, trapped alone together on the internet.

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Merry Christmas from The Anti-Social Media

Now get the hell off Twitter and go hug your family.

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Facebook was never a democracy

Give up any idea that Facebook’s governance rules made it a democracy.

Privacy advocates are up in arms that Facebook is trying to change their site governance policy to eliminate the commentary and voting periods.

Frankly, that policy never worked.

Facebook needed 30% of active users to participate in a vote to make it binding. That’s number has always been large, but now that’s 300 million people.

Do you think 300 million people will take the time from to review changes to the terms of use and make a vote when they could be looking at cat pictures?

Hell no.

With the sheer number of users Facebook has, they have to make decisions about what they think is best for their users. 300 million people can’t be bothered with voting on a terms of use policy.

If you don’t like it, go find another social network. They’re basically a dime a dozen these days.

 Revenue is the only thing that matters to Facebook now. Vote with your page views. In the war for eyeballs, that’s what really matters.

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Google Plus Wants to Know Your Relationship Status

Oh boy! Another attempt to get more demographic information!

I love sharing my personal information with companies so they can serve me more ads. I love having my internet filled with ads.

Still, I think it would have been more effective if they just played this video in the iFrame pop up.

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Your Life - Brought To You By Facebook’s Sponsored Stories

When I look at my news feed these days, every other story is sponsored.

  • I know every dumb thing my friends like.
  • I know exactly which types of photos appeal to my friends.
  • I know precisely who subscribes to get the worst crap.


When did every moment, every interest, every fiber of our being become a sponsored story?

Were we not shaped by the experiences that made us and our relationships? When I think back on my brightest memories between friends, I don’t think things like:

  • “Thank goodness we had Coca Cola and not Pepsi!”
  • “We never would have been friends without Nikes!”
  • “The only thing we have in common is we both like Super Mario.”

Ok. Fine. I’ve thought the last one, but that’s not something I think back on fondly.

We’re crossing a fine line between sharing our lives with friends and having those moments sponsored by highest bidder on a relevant keyword. Are you ready to see what’s on the other side of that line?

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