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People Whining Over the New iPad

Yesterday, Apple released an updated iPad with has a better processor and some other stuff.

Immediately, all the privileged people of the world took to the internet to complain about how hard life was, having an iPad 3 that was now marginally obsolete.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Life is so hard. I have to spend all of my money on technology that makes my life incrementally better, and now I have to buy another new thing because my thing isn’t as new and shiny.

Seriously privileged technology bloggers: Get the fuck over yourselves. Stop promoting a consumer culture that tells people they have to replace all of their stuff with other stuff when it becomes marginally less relevant.

Why don’t you buy something that will last and be happy that you have money to spend on non-essential gadgets?


Fighting on Twitter

Fighting on Twitter

In my day job, I work to ensure that people don’t make themselves look like asses online. So when I see two “social media rockstar ninjas” duking it out publicly on Twitter, I raise a virtual eyebrow.

Everyone loves to watch a disaster when it doesn’t affect them, but Twitter isn’t the proper place to have a fight. Twitter is the absolute worst place to fight about anything.

When you argue on Twitter, you limit yourself to the lowest level of argument. You can’t expand your thoughts. You can’t use any detailed examples. You’re fighting with whole world watching, and your fight is probably over something that could be solved with a two minute phone call.

It has even less substance than a presidential debate.

And for what? To prove a point that doesn’t need to be proven? To try and make yourself look smarter than someone else people only know through 140 character messages?

Those goals are really going to advance your crappy personal brand into the toilet, right next the rest of your mouth diarrhea.

Get over yourself. You have a right to defend your reputation, but you’re going to look like an ass trying to make a point on Twitter where people don’t have context and form their on misinformed opinions and assumptions.

Be the better person. Don’t get into a fight over nothing. Take it to somewhere you can have a real conversation. Somewhere you’re not trying to drag someone else through the slings and arrows of the social media peanut gallery.

Be the better person. Don’t fight on Twitter.



How to Tell a Blogger They Made a Grammar Mistake

You're doing it wrong!

I make mistakes typing. I’d take a bet you do too.

In fact, we all make mistakes when we write. It’s a fact of life. Everyone doesn’t have a proofer checking things behind them to make everything they write perfect.

So when you see a blog post (or a tweet, or a Facebook post or whatever) with a grammar mistake, don’t be an asshole and publicly post to the author “UR DOIN IT WRONG.

That just makes the author feel bad and makes you look like an ass-hat.

Take the ten seconds it takes to send a private message to the author with the mistake. Chances are the author will fix it as soon as he or she can, and they won’t feel like they’ve been put in the stockades for a misplaced keystroke.

And then the internet will be nicer, if only for the briefest of moments.