Feature: How NOT to Tweet with Sarah Palin Someone has been…

Feature: How NOT to Tweet with Sarah Palin

Someone has been reading my posts, and it’s not just people who hate social media more than I do!  I’m not sure if it is a certain former Alaskan governor or someone on her new team of FOX News administrative aids, but Sarah Palin’s Tweets shifted in style on January 25, 2010.

Previously, we saw tweets like this one, which made little sense.  Not only do her tweets make sense now, they also have a link to her Facebook content.  Gee! I’ve never heard of that idea before!  Linking a tweet to significant content, what year is this, 2007?

Let’s also compare this tweet with the other one’s grammar.  In this tweet, every word is spaced correctly, including words by the ampersand.  Previously, words surrounding the ampersand crushed it between them like a donut between two sumo wrestlers.  Also, every other punctuation is followed by a space, so the whole thing is readable.  A part of me wishes this didn’t happen, so I might not have to understand her personal brand of madness, but I’m happy she’s discovered the space bar.

Another observation:  All of the tweets on the account are now listed as being posted from the web, where as in my previous post you can see it was originally posted from Twitterberry.  While I can believe that Sarah Palin could tweet from a computer or her Blackberry, I’m betting Rupert Murdoch wouldn’t like her going rogue (Editor’s Note: I couldn’t help myself.)

Finally, and this is the reason I know Sarah Palin isn’t tweeting anymore and someone else is, is there’s a semicolon.  NOBODY uses a semicolon on Twitter!  It sticks out like a sore copywriter’s thumb.

I’m onto you Palin, or whomever is adjusting your Tweets to whatever is coming across their Google Alerts.  You can tweet, but your can’t hide from The Anti-Social Media.

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