Make Your Social Media Count Today

In possible the best idea I’ve had since starting the Anti-Social Media, I took a vacation.  This vacation may have actually made me anti-social media, as I am now bored and disgusted with all the crap I see online.

You can’t imagine how mundane your tweets and Facebook updates look after escaping to somewhere wonderful with people who matter.  It’s like seeing the best in the world, and then turning around and seeing a cesspool of mindless drivel.  It puts everything into a perspective that makes much more sense.

You all matter to someone.  Whether that someone is in the room, across town, or your cat, you matter.  The point is, you matter beyond the content you spew out online.

The trouble is we don’t use social media for anything that really matters.  We use social media to sell stuff, to get people to “like” us, to try and develop a relationship with a faceless brand.  It’s not working to make anything that much better.

Let’s start with something simple.  Today, take one connection and make it matter more.  Start a conversation with one person on e-mail or another private medium.  Share your knowledge.  Say something funny.  Get to know that person better.

Bringing that one smile will be worth it.  Make your social media count today.

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