Networking Events

I’m heading off to Raleigh #MediaLeaders tonight.  I go to networking events because I feel the best way to connect with my readers is to meet them in person.  Sure we have a lot of fun here, but text only conveys a small portion of my insanity.  Also, I’m going to find new readers.  It’s a win win for everyone.

Social Media events are such weird happenings.  You inevitably know people because you have followed them for a while, but at the same time, you don’t know how crazy or depressing they are in person.  It can be a sad state of affairs when you find out a favorite blogger is actually a pervert that has bad breath.

Most often though, you find out the person behind the avatar is much more fun and engaging in person than they could ever be online.  When you go home, you have a better idea of the person, and your online interactions are strengthened because of it.

Readers, what do you like or hate about networking events?  Any series of events you love?

Also, if you’re at Raleigh #MediaLeaders, stop by and say “hi” to me!

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