Rule #6: Have Fun

Rule #^ Have FunSocial networks are great distributors of information. People share news, updates and tidbits that interest them.  Within minutes we can all be commenting on how terrible the new Gap logo is, when really, it’s just a logo we shouldn’t care that much about.

Before social networks became information powerhouses, there was a time you liked Facebook. Facebook wasn’t creepy before Cityville began taking over your life and your Aunt Gertrude posted another embarassing story on your wall daily.  It’s fun to keep up with your friends and play games with them.

Social Networking is supposed to be fun.  That’s why we have real friends to begin with. Most normal people get a kick out of spending time with other people and doing activities together. Remember that when you get online.

Social Networks don’t always have to be about work and spreading your message. You don’t always need to be working on your personal brand. You can get online to chat, to connect, to catch up, or play a game. Lord knows those actually might be more productive than trying to sell people crap through your Facebook page.

Have fun. Post something you think is funny. Let your hair down. We want to see your last shred of humanity.

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2 Responses to “Rule #6: Have Fun”

  1. Chris Ferdinandi - Renegade HR December 26, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    Sigh… I can remember when Facebook was REALLY fun - before businesses were trying to sell me shit and people I barely know were asking me to harvest their corn on Farmville.

    Twitter used to be fun, too. Lots of people who genuinely cared about sharing useful and interesting stuff.

    It seems like when most social media sites hit critical mass, they forget what made them awesome in the first place. They add more/newer features. They ruin what made them great.

    And as popularity increases, the number of annoying, noise generating people on these sites grows, too.

    What’s the fix? Just keeping moving to new social networks, and then leaving when they become popular?

    • Jay December 26, 2010 at 11:17 pm #

      Facebook was awesome back in 2004. I remember when Facebook hosted a college beer pong tournament. Think they’d do that now?

      I think the solution is not only finding new networks, but limiting networks to the people you really want to connect with.

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