Rule #7: Be Grateful

Rule #7 Be GratefulA while back I wrote about what I was ungrateful for in social media. I’m still pretty spiteful about bad social networks, crappy tweets, and Facebook’s madness, but there are a few things this year I’m pretty grateful for.

  • I’m glad I live in a society where I can write about what interests me online.
  • I appreciate that a lot of people come and visit my website everyday, talk to me, spark ideas with me, and argue with me.
  • I’m grateful I’m not the only crazy cat person on the internet (thanks Laurie!).

There’s a lot of terrible things that it’s easy to get caught up in anger for online (Example #1: My Blog). But for every little thing that causes anger, there’s always a solution and something to celebrate, even if it’s just a tiny happy dance in front of your cat and computer.

Take time to thank people for the things they do online.  Be glad you live somewhere where you can read this and other blogs without oppression. Celebrate that even though Facebook is slowly turning us into the Borg, we have other ways of communication.  For all the crap and weirdness that happens online daily, there are a lot of little good things that happen you can try and enjoy.

Or just be a curmudgeon.  Only the entire internet will judge you as an ungrateful bastard.

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2 Responses to “Rule #7: Be Grateful”

  1. Bret Bernhoft December 24, 2010 at 1:23 pm #

    You are speaking of the “Thanksgiving Rule” of access. It is always incredibly frustrating to think that 4/5ths of the worlds population doesn’t have access to the Internet. With the access we have been given we need to make sure to put it to the best use possible. This blog is, in my mind, a small example of that.


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