Rule #8: Be Humble

Rule #8: Be HumbleYour internet celebrity isn’t worth shit if you’re an asshole.

If you have 40,000 followers of Twitter and 1 million people like your Facebook page, and you think you’re entitled to anything, you’re crazy. People are fickle and will leave your Tay Zonday for the next iJustine the second they get the chance and a good reason.

Never use your followers as leverage. That’s called ransom.  We’re better than that on the internet.

Otherwise, thank the people who take the time to retweet your stuff.  Share the stuff you think is cool, and credit the authors. Write an e-mail to a blogger you like and tell them you appreciate the work they do. Remember if you are famous, those 2,000 followers can turn on you, and there are 1,999 more of them than there are you.

And I’d take a bet you can’t take down all 1,999 of them in a fair fight.

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