Stop making crappy Vlog Posts!

How Not to Film VideosI’m sick of watching terrible online videos, I’m sick of people who talk at their webcam, and I’m sick of people who film random aspects of their life half heartedly. There’s more to video than just making it and puking it onto YouTube.

If you want people to watch your YouTube videos, you need to do more than just make a video. You may think you’re the bees knees talking to your fancy built-in webcam, but unfortunately you just aren’t that beautiful or interesting to make me watch you talk to your computer. Likewise, unless you can pull of some pretty awesome trick, filming yourself in the day to day isn’t that interesting.

Making a great video is like writing a good blog post. You have to consider the entire composition of the video, what it will look like, how it sounds, how it will flow together, who it’s aimed at, and where you will host it. You need to find the arc of the story. It needs to be visually interesting. Otherwise, why are you making a video with a visual aspect?

Just like blogging, you’re not going to get it perfect every time. You need to work your ass off to make people actually care. With over 35 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube a minute, you’ve got to stand out and market that video, or people won’t care to find it on their own.

Make me care. Put some heart into your video.

And for the love all that’s beautiful, stop staring at your webcam.

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2 Responses to “Stop making crappy Vlog Posts!”

  1. Angela January 7, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    Exactly! The video can’t be a lazy way not to type up your blog post. It must augment your blogging activities.

  2. Chris Ferdinandi - Renegade HR January 7, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Great is the enemy of good.

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