Tufts Now Accepts YouTube Videos as Part of College Application

Tufts Now Accepts YouTube Videos as Part of College Application:

If I had to submit a Youtube video with my college application, I would have been horrified.

There’s just so many ways that watching a video, especially one posted on Youtube, can hinder the application process.  Does the admission officer rate the video on artistic merit, or that it’s been rated five stars?  Do they bias against the look and/or the race of the person in the video, even if the applicant isn’t directly in the video and just wrote and directed it?  How do we know the applicant isn’t attaching his/her name to something s/he didn’t make?  Do all the dumb comments count against you, or do the comments just add to your score?

I’m glad I got out of high school before people could make fun of the crappy video I shot to get into college, and I’m also glad that it won’t stay on the internet for everyone to see for the rest of my life.  High Schoolers are awkward enough, can’t we help them a little bit and keep them from ruining their personal brand and online reputation early?  Let’s keep their college applications private, and save Youtube for their awkward vlogs.

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