When Should You Blog?

It’s easy to get caught up blogging for blogging’s sake.  You have an audience and you want to appease them.  They are like Pac-Man, endlessly devouring content, fruit, ghosts or whatever else gets in their way.  You want your content to be in that line up, but you have no plans to stick to any sort of a regular schedule.

  • When you have an idea - This is the easiest time to blog.  When an idea is fresh in your head and the words pour out of you, writing is a joy.  Take  advantage of these moments.  If you can’t get to your computer right then, jot the idea down somewhere, a post it, a notebook, on your phone so you can come back to it.  I’ve lost many good ideas by not writing them down.  You all can do better than I.
  • When you think you have something to say - If you have a point you want to clarify, or something you want to rant about, write about it.  Take the moment and pour out your thoughts.  When you read them over, if they make no sense, try to edit.  If it still doesn’t work, save it for a later day, or scrap it. 
  • When your thoughts take more than five sentences - Perhaps you are writing a blog comment or a tweet and it starts turning into a short novel.  Before you start working up a sweat, consider posting it on your own blog.  You can still link to it in the comment you are leaving, and make a great point without hijacking someone’s comment section.  It’s win-win for everyone.
  • When you have a solid argument - We all know a lot about something.  My expertise is in fixing crappy social media.  I write in such a way that explains why people get annoyed online and how to make it better for them.  When I see a post that makes me angry, and I know I can counterpoint that post, I go for it.  You can do the same thing.  A point to remember, when arguing, don’t be an ass.
  • Whenever you feel like it - Sometimes you just want to write. Other times it’s the last thing in the world you want to do.  Listen to your heart.  If you want to blog, do it. 

After you’ve written the post, always consider the moment to post it.  You can post immediately.  You can save it for later.  You can throw it all away.  Either way, stop blogging just because you can, and start blogging with purpose.

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