Why I Blog

Behind my facade of an angry, sarcastic blogger with grands plans of changing the way we use the internet, I’m an insecure, self-doubting writer.  I’ve come to accept that I will never think any post is good enough.  I also accept that my posts I loathe most become the most popular.

Still, every four weeks or so I go through a blogging identity crisis.  Why do I do this?  Who on Earth reads this?  What is the point of all this writing?  Will it ever pay off?

I like to imagine every blogger goes through a similar journey more often than I do.  Thinking this way lets me feel better about my own self-doubts, and makes me think everyone else is worse off than I am on my worst days.  This thinking has gotten me through the rough patches, but still, those questions nag me.  However, I find the more I answer them, the more I want to blog and make a difference.

Why do I do this?

I write because I love to.  I write about what makes me angry because I know there are other people with the same feelings.  I write about what makes me angry with social media because I know I live in a time where I can use my anger and the anger of others to make a difference in the way everyone, not just marketers and PR folks, use social media.

Who on Earth reads this?

People who hate Facebook read this blog.  So do people who love Twitter.  People who heard about this social media thing and just can’t figure it out come here.  Gurus who think they know everything about social media and want to learn why someone hates it end up on this site.  People who want to do business online better come here too.

In other words, this blog is for anyone who can read English with access to the internet and some vague interest in the way we interact online.  You can’t go wrong with that broad of an appeal.

What is the point of all this writing?

I want people to have fun and learn about social media.  I think all messages can be broken into information or entertainment.  I aim to do both.

At the same time, I want to be a voice for people who can’t say no, or tell people they are being absurd.  I want to challenge ideas and see if there is a better way to do things.

Will it ever pay off?

It already has.  Who knows if it will pay off monetarily, but the connections I’ve made are invaluable. I talk with people around the planet about things that matter.  I’ve made a small difference in the way people interact online.  Nothing crazy, but enough to know we’re thinking about deeper issues that why Facebook sucks today.

Also, my ability to write honestly, openly in my own voice, and be able to make jokes has improved significantly.  Who would have guessed having to write something every weekday would do such a thing?

Do my motives seem crazy?  Am I a fool for not being blinded by greed and a desire to earn money?  I want to know why you blog, and what you think of my motivations.

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