Content Creation is for Chumps.

Give up while you're ahead. You’ve probably heard from so-called content marketing gurus that you need to create your own original content to succeed online.

That’s all lies.

Unique ideas are for people who are too dumb to figure out how to repurpose someone else’s work. Someone else has already had your original idea. Now just make it work for you

Stop creating. Give up while you’re ahead. Just steal everything you need.

No one wants original content. Nobody wants to be entertained or educated. They don’t want to be delighted. They just want to see the same crap, day in and day out.

So get to work remixing and repurposing. Nobody will mind seeing the same idea over and over and over.

How are you going to steal someone else’s work today?



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As the old song says "Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you.

Somebody swiped my copy of Abby Hoffman's book back when I was in college. Have any of you seen it?

nice post i will copy it to my blog hehehehe

Be right back to you on that. Stealing this blog post and reposting as my own. (Just kidding.)

I should have just titled this "STEAL THIS POST!"

Amy stole my joke. :(