Social Media is like Something

What is social media - The Anti-Social MediaHave you heard about social media? Apparently, it’s a hot new thing, like Web 2.0 or the Information Superhighway.

Well, I haven’t heard about social media yet, so I did some research. Social media is like something, but nobody know what that something is. For example:

What. The. Hell.

Make up your damn minds! What the hell is social media like? A strategic game? Sexy clothing? Marshmallows covered in a fattening condiment?

Social media is anything. Whatever you want social media to be, social media can be it.

Just don’t make social media chess-playing, ranch covered marshmallow in a string bikini. Someone already has that twisted fetish covered.

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_gfunk 5 pts

i was thinking of this blog post when tweeted jason falls and called him out on the post about how social media is like kick and chase soccer. i think we still have yet to find the lowest common denominator. 

hahahaa, now that was funny awesome post

Social Media is much more entertaining knowing that someone like you is there to keep *it* fresh and *us* leveled. Simply Stunnin'!

Social Media is like a box of chocolates. You gotta look at the bottom of the box to know whats inside, even then you have to be able to share the box with enough people where you are satisfied but not left feeling fat. If you don't look at the bottom or network to find out what is in the box of chocolates . . . you never know what your going to get, and if you own that box of chocolates your probably made a bad business move.

Forrest Gump would be so confused.

confused is what confused doesn't know what does or doing.

Social media is like smog sometimes. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air.

I keep a glade scented candle in the CSS files.