Facebook was never a democracy

Give up any idea that Facebook’s governance rules made it a democracy.

Privacy advocates are up in arms that Facebook is trying to change their site governance policy to eliminate the commentary and voting periods.

Frankly, that policy never worked.

Facebook needed 30% of active users to participate in a vote to make it binding. That’s number has always been large, but now that’s 300 million people.

Do you think 300 million people will take the time from to review changes to the terms of use and make a vote when they could be looking at cat pictures?

Hell no.

With the sheer number of users Facebook has, they have to make decisions about what they think is best for their users. 300 million people can’t be bothered with voting on a terms of use policy.

If you don’t like it, go find another social network. They’re basically a dime a dozen these days.

 Revenue is the only thing that matters to Facebook now. Vote with your page views. In the war for eyeballs, that’s what really matters.

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