I Love the White Space

I Love Whitespace - The Anti-Social MediaIn an effort to remain relevant when so many people would rather it just die, Google  rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic redesigned Google+ last week.

The redesign did not bring any major new features. Exciting new features would be too logical for Google+ to compete against the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Instead, Google+ brought the white space.

Other social networks fill every inch of your screen with needless crap and advertisements. Google+ reminds you to breath and relax with a huge swath of warm, white screen.

Embrace the white space. Love the white space. Make the white space a part of your very core.

For soon enough, the white space will be filled with contextual advertisements that suck the very soul out of your circles.

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There never was any soul in Google Circles to begin with.

I've got a soul but I'm not a circle.


  1. [...] There is so much white everywhere. I have nothing against the color white personally, except that it always ends up another color in my washing machine – but there’s something sinister about all that darn white. It’s not just me, Jay Dolan feels the same. [...]