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Stop Mashable - The Anti-Social Media

How will we stop Mashable?

Stop Mashable - The Anti-Social MediaWe have a problem, and its name is Mashable.

There’s a point when posting EVERY. SINGLE. NEWS. UPDATE. isn’t useful. It’s inundating. And Mashable has jumped that shark through flaming hoops with the Fonz riding on Pete Cashmore’s shoulders.

What absolutely kills me though is that Mashable describes itself as “Social Media News and Web Tips.” First, what the hell are web tips? Is it 1997? Are we using Yahoo! to surf the web?

And since when has Mashable focused on these topics exclusively?

I get it that Mashable has broadened its topics to increase traffic, but when you broaden, you can’t keep describing yourself the same way. Like, if I started writing about my cat daily, I’d have a tough time calling myself a social media satire.

Who am I kidding. That would be pure social media satire.

But you get the idea.

Still, we need to stop Mashable. Their commentary on social media news is terrible. Their site design is an overwhelming mess of buttons and ads. The content they write is written better everywhere else.

In short, they suck ass.

Starting today, I’m unsubscribing from Mashable. I’ve got better things to read, like your blog. I’d rather give my ad impressions to people who have half a brain.

Also, I might just bring back “This is not social media news, Mashable.” Might.

What are you doing to stop Mashable? Are you going to avoiding their tweets? Blocking their website? OR just publicly dissing them?

Let’s figure out how we’re going to stop it before we start #OccupyMashable.

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One Reason Mashable Needs a Copy Editor

One Reason Mashable Needs a Copy Editor

One Reason Mashable Needs a Copy Editor

Whoever is editing over at Mashable tonight does not understand agreement in plural nouns.

Edit: 12:54 am They fixed it.  There goes my sweet dreams for the night.

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