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Why I Don’t Care About Wikileaks

Why I Don’t Care About Wikileaks

Wikileaks - The name you can trust for leaksI’ve been nursing a slow hate of Wikileaks.  The more I read about it, it just seems like a group of angry nerds who want attention by throwing up as much information as possible and hoping some part of it is so disgusting people will keep looking.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s driving me nuts about the most controversial media website online.

  1. Who has time to read all these documents? Every time I hear about Wikileaks releasing documents, the number is always in the hundreds of thousands. Who are they expecting to read all of these things? Average folks don’t have the time for that kind of reading, even if we do have the interest. Who do they think we are, grad students? Apparently, the authors of Wikileaks have the best attention spans on the web. Need proof? Just look at how long their about page is.
  2. Julian Assange is Not SexyJulian Assange is weird. I don’t know if Mr. Assange has raped anyone. I don’t really know too much about him besides what I’ve read online. However, I do know he poses for pictures in an oddly sexual way, like he wants to be Anderson Cooper, but he isn’t legitimate, or sexy, like Anderson Cooper. Also, who does he think he is stealing my red tie?
  3. What kind of a name is Wikileaks? When I think of a wiki, I think of a group of documents that anyone can edit, like Wikipedia.  While I realize not all Wikis are editable that way, but the name sounds like a brand of diapers that are easy to change. Just imagine the taglines.  ”Wikileaks: the diapers anyone can change.” or “Wikileaks: poop is in your hands now.”
  4. Their logo is disgusting. Just look at it. Do I need to say more?
  5. Wikileaks - This Logo Is DisgustingThey aren’t helping anyone. I’d be more supportive of these leaks were doing something to help people. Instead, they are just embarrassing governments and causing divisions because someone from the UK wrote down something like, “Hilary Clinton looks like a pink nightmare in that pantsuit.” This is exactly the type of information that’s going to bring support to your cause and change the world.

I’m all for free speech, but what’s the point of it if you’re just going to abuse it? We can write and say whatever we want online, but how we choose to do so makes all the difference. Creating information terrorism as blackmail is no better than the corruption they are trying to expose.

Am I crazy in my disgust of Wikileaks? Do you hate them too? I want to know what you all think before Anonymous takes down my site for saying Julian Assange looks creepy.

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