Contest: Free Social Media Consulting

There’s a lot of crappy social media in the world.  Between the people who “get it” and those who aren’t even on Facebook, lie a huge swatch of people figuring it out.  Instead of complaining hoping people read a post and make it better, I’m going to take a more proactive approach.

I’m offering two free hours of social media consulting to five lucky people who comment on this blog about why they need help with their social media.

That’s right.  I’m giving away the chance to pick my brain, and make a social media strategy that works for you.  What other people charge bundles for you can get for free.  Whether you want to get more followers, get better followers, or sell stuff, I’ll help you out.*

Did I say it’s free?  If you hate my advice, you just as easily ignore it with no cost to you.  The risk is minimal and you have the entire internet to gain.

What do you have to lose?

Enter by leaving a comment below about why you want or need help with your social media by 11pm, EST.  Of all the comments at that point, I’ll pick five randomly and offer to help them.  One by one, we will make social media more fun, interesting, and relevant to the world.

*Note: If I think you’re being sketchy in anyway, I will not agree to help you out.  This is about helping people achieve their dreams using the internet, not exploiting their weaknesses so you can gain.