Accepting Guest Posts

I’m going on my first real vacation in about two years at the end of this month. I’ve basically been working my butt off for two years, which is pretty sad. I imagine getting away from the internet for a whole ten days will be something like this:

I'm Free - The Anti-Social Media

In reality it will probably be closer to something like this:

What's On Facebook - The Anti-Social Media

Either way, I won’t be here, and will need a few authors to fill in while I am gone.  Interested? Send your post to jay[at] Send it to me before July 29. I typically like posts that say something new, say something hilarious, or are both new and hilarious. Props to you if you draw your own cartoon, but that’s not necessary. If I the spirit strikes me, I’ll draw a cartoon for you.

This blog is going to turn into either the greatest week of guest bloggers, or I’m going to lose all my street cred.


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