Come see me at Recruit Camp

Once again, the powers that be decided that I will speak to the masses about the Anti-Social Media Movement.  I’ll be heading down the street to the Quintiles World Headquarters to speak at #RecruitCamp.

When this opportunity crossed my plate, I immediately stopped, and started jumping up and down.  Granted, the people in the Wendy’s parking lot stared for a while and the man in the pink shirt bouncing around, but I don’t care what they tweet about me.

I had a lot of fun speaking at Ignite Raleigh, but I consider my abilities best in the one on one setting.  Individual contact reinforces the whole idea of having fewer, more valuable connections.  However, if anyone needs to know the value of knowing you online and knowing your connections, it’s someone who wants to hire you.

I hope to try and record my whole speech to put up here, both in rehearsal and live formats, that way you all can see me fail spectacularly.  In the meantime, look out for tidbits of my next presentation: Everything you Learn on the Internet is Wrong.

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