How to Blog Infrequently

I’m cutting down on blogging.

It’s not that I don’t like you all, but my post quality is suffering from me trying to have a real life with family, friends, and a day job.  When I sit down to write, it’s usually after midnight and my eyes are weary from the day.  Competent, humorous thoughts just don’t exist in that state, with the exception of the weird things I do when half asleep, like eat cheerios with a fork or try to eat coffee grounds.

Most of the major blogs these days are posting one quality article a day.  The bigger ones, Gawker, Mashable an the like, post multiple times a day and have multiple authors.  The rest of us, we try and do the best we can and feel awful we can’t produce regular content like that.

Often, I see this intro by bloggers who can’t get to their blog every day like they want to:

Sorry I haven’t been here a while, but things have been so crazy!  My cat got into the toilet paper one night and I had family visiting from outer space and then my computer decided I wasn’t cool enough to blog until now.  Anyways…

Don’t blog that way.  Your schedule is your schedule, and if you aren’t paid to blog, we don’t expect you to be producing entertainment or news for us every day.  Your audience would rather read one focused, well-written article every two weeks than have to deal with a month of crap to read one half-way decent article.

When most of us blog every day, we lose sight of the goal of creating quality, insightful or entertaining posts.  It becomes a race to get traffic, to remind people you’re still there, and to keep whatever fleeting attention the masses retain on you.

That’s why I am cutting back.  I can’t do everything.  It’s the same reason why I don’t follow and friend a lot of people online.  I can’t pay attention to everything and write about it all everyday.  I want you to enjoy the best experience you can here.  Not whatever crap flushed out of my mind at one in the morning.

Infrequency is the way I am taking control of The Anti-Social Media.  The posts will remain as biting and crazy as always, but the post frequency won’t be, and shouldn’t be, what this or any blog is about.  The greatest blogs share ideas, make you think, or make you look at something in a new way.  The Anti-Social Media will be no different.

If you are joining me in this effort, make no apologies.  Your words speak for themselves, and we see the value behind your infrequency.

Stop saying I’m sorry for not blogging.

Say something meaningful.

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