I sold out.

I did it.  I sold out.

I’m proud to announce that Mashable will be acquiring The Anti-Social Media.  Three months of hard work, collecting the oddball stories not about social media on Mashable have lead to this blog being bought by Mashable.  Quite a turn around, I know.

Speaking on the acquisition, Pete Cashmore said:

We’re very excited to begin working with Jay.  His talent, experience, and eye for relevant social media journalism will be a benefit to the entire Mashable team.  We’re excited to be working with someone who can produce his own original content, rather than outsourcing to guest posts.  Overall, I think this acquisition will help legitimize Mashable as a true social media guide.

As part of the acquisition, The Anti-Social Media will transition into a recurring Mashable series, The Social Media, a hard-hitting look at social media journalism.  I promise, it will be the only legitimate series on Mashable, and won’t talk about the iPad.

The Anti-Social Media will remain here, but will mostly just be a place for me to bitch about how much I hate the ways people behave online, why my Facebook page doesn’t have more fans, and why you keep making awkward Foursquare check-ins.

It will be business as usual, but now I’ll have oodles of cash from blogging. 

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