The Sabbath Manifesto - National Day of Unplugging

The Sabbath Manifesto - National Day of Unplugging:

Marcie Barnes comes through again!  Apparently, everyone but me thought this weekend is a great time to disconnect from all the electronic insanity that occurs daily online.

The Sabbath Manifesto basically says shut down your technological life from sundown, Friday March 19 until sundown, Saturday March 20.  Unless your iPhone is grafted into your hand, I think it’s a reasonable goal.  I don’t think I’d be able to do it though, as I need to be purging that day for Social Network Purging Day, and I can’t purge without some for of technological apparatus.

Also, what’s up with the weird parts of the Manifesto such as “07 Drink Wine?”  I’m all for a good drink now and then, but part of the Anti-Social media Revolution is that anyone can participate, regardless of their ability to consume alcohol legally or not.  I suggest replacing the part that don’t work for you with things you love to do to relax.

Just one more reason to get ready to celebrate this weekend!

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