Top Five Tweets I Hate - Part Two

So, last Monday I had a lot of fun with the Top Five Tweets I Hate to See, so I figured, let’s beat a dead horse until it’s glue.  This is my list of common tweets I saw this past week and what drove me nuts:

  1. Good Morning - Sometimes it’s just those two words. Sometimes it’s “Good morning and have a great amazing awesome day!”  Rarely it’s “Good Morning.  Today is going to suck.”  Either way, it’s morning and we remember you are here even if you didn’t tweet good morning.  So stop it.
  2. Coffee - Another frequent morning tweet.  We’re all zombies before 9 am and we have caffeine.  But being a zombie doesn’t mean we all tweet the same thing in the same tone, as if we’re craving the delicious flesh of the living.
  3. Foursquare without any Information - I see a lot of “I’m at CVS.” or “I’m at Wal-Mart.” tweets.  Are you asking for the entire internet to try and find you?  Is there something we need to know about why you are at these places?  I want relevant information or entertainment, not random locations.
  4. iPhone Rumors - Most people on Twitter have some obsession with gadgets and gizmos, and the iPhone is king of them all.  However, we need to accept that Apple will let us know about it’s products are ready.  Blasting every rumor or hypothesis will drive people to think you are a lunatic with nothing else to do.
  5. Anything with Justin Bieber - The boy has a lock on being a trending topic.  Don’t give him any more publicity, and please don’t give him any more musical credibility.

What tweets are you all hating this week?

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