Top Five Tweets I Hate to See

There are certain types of tweets I see over and over in my twitter stream daily that drive me nuts.  These type of tweets are uninspired, vague, or just idiotic.  They clutter the internet, and everyone can do better than to keep spreading this crap.  Here are my top five types of tweets that get my blood boiling:

  1. Inspirational Quotes - There’s nothing worse than a contrived little pick me up jammed into 140 characters.  You might not be able to get through work without those nuggets of wisdom, but spare the rest of us.
  2. The Rogue Link - When you post a link with no explanation, I think your account is hacked and you’re trying to infect me with malware.  Always use a headline, and a URL shortener.
  3. The Intentional Details Omission - I wish I could tell you more about this tweet, but I can’t to save my reputation.
  4. The Insane Hashtag - #noonecanreadtheseorusesthemmorethanonce
  5. The Mashable Retweet - You aren’t sharing interesting, original content.  Try and find and share insightful, well-written article that hasn’t been retweeted a million times.

What kinds of tweets do you hate?

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