You don’t have to talk with people.

Engaging in a conversation takes work.  In real life, it’s a constant processing of thousands of sensory cues into one coherent message.  Online, you’re lucky if you get a conversation of more than two paragraphs of coherent text without misleading typos and grammatical errors.

Social Media is about carrying on a conversation in the online forum.  That’s what makes it social.  People talk.  Make sense?

While this can be fun, but sometimes you just want to get all the information you there.  No questions, just spit it all out.  Screw the @ replies, and the Facebook comments, just say it once.  How do you do it?

You announce.  You proclaim.  You declare.

Give the people something to talk about, and let your message go.  You don’t have to deal with the stress of knowing what’s happening to it. You don’t need to worry about the aftershocks.  Once you give the spark, you let the wildfire burn.

It’s not easy to let things go, to see them distort and allow them twist into freakish rumors that don’t resemble what you said.  But if you say it clearly enough the first time, you can just let them all talk about you without any worries.

Then they will see who’s the master of social media.

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